SofiDent Dental Lab Supply

Joseph Tsiyoni started this business in International trade in the 1980’s.  He created Shairon Dental Lab Supply in 1991, then became SofiDent Dental Lab Supply in 1999 when he began selling online. Joseph worked with a manufacturer to create the ViaGrind brand dental lab abrasives. Meeting the high quality standards he wanted for mounted grinding stones for dental labs. SofiDent still uses the same manufacturing process to this day.  Over time Joseph added the rubber wheels and points that are manufactured in the US to SofiDent specifications – high quality at a fair price.

I met Joseph and found what he did very interesting and it fit my requirements for my next business, selling parts business to business and online.  As Joseph was looking to retire, I started managing SofiDent in 2019.  I have had experience with corporate purchasing/logistics, corporate sales and have been running small businesses since 2006.  I plan to keep the same standards that Joseph set – high quality abrasives at an excellent price.

We stock all of the standard abrasive sizes and can ship immediately.

Give us and call and see what we can do for you.

Paul Evans
Owner of SofiDent