100 STONES FOR $49


Gold | Porcelain | Semi-precious Metals
Ceramic | Composites | Amalgams | Precious Alloys

Excellent for fast contouring and finishing
Ideal for surface characterization and adjusting details
Made from Silicon Carbide – Exclusive ViaGrind Ceramic Bond
Straight hand piece only, shank 3/32”
Heatless, fast cutting, long lasting and always concentric in motion
Chip-free finishing of gold, porcelain, enamel and amalgam

Available Sizes
Small Round, Large Round, Small Round Disc, Large Disc, Round End Taper, Small Point, Large Point, Small Flame, Large Barrel, Small Barrel, Inverted Cone, Small Taper, Small Cylinder, Large Cylinder, Flat End Taper

Available in 100/Box

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